A responsible approach to information security

3CORESec is a company that was born out of the belief that current information security threats require a unified and interoperable approach, which goes beyond the typical appliance and set and forget solutions.

Our goal is to develop products and services for enterprise information security programs with a consistently evolving architecture, minimal footprint and full transparency of its capabilities and limitations.

With a strong emphasis on automation our solutions are developed to equip people to do a better job of understanding the subtleties that are present in information security while automating the tasks that are better handled by systems. This commitment to automation allows our platforms to be implemented on companies of all sizes without the typical cost of information security solutions.

It is also our belief that automation and responsible use of open source can have a tremendous effect on both privacy and security, and that both of these should be available to everyone. Based on that belief we are committed to our social program in which we provide our services free of charge to any non-profit or NGO.

Want to learn more about us or our work? Visit our Twitter for the latest updates on our open source projects and contributions, community events or software releases. In the mood for technical write-ups? Visit our blog for articles on data-driven security, adversary emulation, AWS and much more.