A different take on managed detection; A simpler one.

AWS Security

AWS is at the core of all our services and products, so we have invested a lot of time developing the best detection capabilities we could think of.

In addition to providing visibility of threats from a network perspective, our platform will also correlate all of this information with AWS CloudTrail (API usage), providing you with a simple, central location, for an overview of the correlated alerts, developed based on AWS best practices and our own detection engineering.

In a market that can quickly become overwhelming with offers, we are proud to be completely transparent about our approach to AWS security, allowing our clients to fully understand how it all comes together and judge the effectiveness of our platform.

Service key features:

  • Full packet analyses, providing you insight into numerous protocols valuable for security and compliance
  • Correlated visualizations and investigations; Constantly evolving detection
  • Purposely-built AMI developed to run on AWS's High Performance Computing (powered by AWS Nitro)
  • Auto-scalling monitoring platform that adapts to the most demanding conditions
  • Leverages session mirrroring and full AWS VPC coverage (up to 25Gbps throughput)
  • Fully integrates with the on-prem NSM service for hybrid environments

Network Security Monitoring

Developed for on-prem, and what we consider the least intrusive technology for mature information security programs, network security monitoring and traffic analyses allows for a very broad enterprise coverage on malicious events and traffic and protocol analyses. This focus on the network enables a wide visibility of all assets while making actionable information available in a platform that is highly interoperable with your IT landscape and requires only minimal changes to be fully implemented in your environment.

Service key features:

  • Visibility into security-related alerts and compliance information (insecure protocols, ciphers, improper network segmentation, etc)
  • Signature-based and profile-based threat information; Constantly updated
  • No agents; No maintenance; Minimal footprint!
  • Interoperable with our AWS Security platform
  • Bare metal or fully virtual

Network Traffic Analysis

In AWS, on-prem or hybrid. You'll be surprised by how much you can learn about your network.

3CS Virtual SOC

vSOC is always on the lookout! Follow our recommended alert and detection strategies or develop your own.

Security Orchestration

Detection is just one phase! Interactions with our vSOC allow you to perform remediation actions in real-time.