AWS Security

Managed Detection for AWS

AWS is at the core of all our services and products, so we have invested a lot of time developing the best detection capabilities we could think of.

In addition to providing visibility of threats from a network perspective, our platform will also correlate all of this information with AWS CloudTrail (API usage), providing you with a simple, central location, for an overview of the correlated alerts, developed based on AWS best practices and our own detection engineering.

In a market that can quickly become overwhelming with offers, we are proud to be completely transparent about our approach to AWS security, allowing our clients to fully understand how it all comes together and judge the effectiveness of our platform.

Service key features:

  • Full-spectrum visibility provides a unified visualizations and threat detection for both applications and networks
  • Full packet analyses, providing you insight into numerous protocols valuable for security and compliance
  • Purposely-built AMI's developed to run on AWS's High Performance Computing (powered by AWS Nitro)
  • Minimal presence in your AWS environment and fully automated enrolment of new assets for analyses
  • Auto-scalling architecture provides fault-tolerance and scalability (up to 25Gbps throughput)
  • Fully compatible with 3CS vSOC for automation in alerting and incident response
  • Integrates with the on-prem NSM service for hybrid environments

Would you like to see how it all comes together and how it can help you? Reach out to us and we'll show a real world deployment.